We are a small group of ministers loosely related through this blog site with the primary interest of advancing biblical Christianity in all its forms. This is a ministry of Everroad Ministries Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation since 1983. This site is intended to give voice to those obscure men and women of faith whose thoughts on the church, culture, creative expression and spirituality may not be so widely disseminated as other more well known professional ministers are, but whose experience testify to the truth of the oracle of scripture, new creation realities and relationship to God.

Among our contributors are:

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Tim Halverson

Tim is a graduate of Trinity Bible Institute of Ellendale, North Dakota (B.A. Holy Scripture), and has studied in several other theological institutions, is an ordained minister, and has served in pastoral and instructional settings. He has written several short essays, among them the defense of the Person and work of the Holy Spirit, of the recovery of Apostleship, the role of women in ministry, and the NT ministry model of working with God. He is especially concerned with the great divide between the Liturgical/Evangelical Church vs. the Charismatic/Pentecostal wing of the Body. He is often found investigating the Book of Acts to engage us in these pressing issues.

Tim is also a certified auto mechanic, runs a shop out of his home, and is so far unable to stop fixing cars. His wife Jill of thirty-four years, three boys and six girls, and ten grand children with all their comings and goings never yield a dull moment. But out of his study window beckons mighty Lake Superior in Duluth, MN, the State of Hockey. The grit that it takes to balance this unusual mix affects his outlook, his writing style, and puts a lot of attitude to his insights and conclusions.




Ned Berube

Ned has been in pastoral and international ministry for 43 years. He’s been married to Sue for 47 years and they generated 6 offspring who have generated 9 more.

In his last ministry position, Ned was declared a heretic and was scheduled to be burned at the stake. However, the sentence was commuted when he agreed to write blog posts for lionsheadcafe.

Upon agreeing to do so, he was untied from the stake and then chained to a desk and computer where he presently continues to write and is grateful that somehow, he avoided an untimely death


Terry Everroad

Less than three years following a dramatic conversion experience at age 35, Terry and his wife Esa were thrust into full-time ministry, singing contemporary gospel music, speaking and conducting marriage workshops all over the eastern half of the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, ministering in over 250 churches plus other special events.

The Everroads were also missionaries in Mexico for seven years with a house fellowship that hosted more than a thousand visitors over that span, the first bible-based English language outreach ever in San Miguel de Allende, an historic city that is home to around 8,000 English-speaking expatriates, predominately artistic types from all over the world, originally attracted to the area because of ideal climate and low cost of living.

In previous lives, Terry was a hippie in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in the 1960s and spent nine years in radio and TV at several stations in the Midwest. Today, he and Esa live in a small town in the lake region of northwest Wisconsin. Esa has her own art gallery and Terry consults with ministers in the area and around the country.